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Bag 2000: Red Lake Mine; Balmertown, Ontario P0V 1C0

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Pierre Gaucher, ing., MBA
Instrumentation GDD
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At the Red Lake Mine, there is a strong association between gold mineralization and magnetic/conductive minerals. As a consequence, when logging exploration drill core, there is a need to find a way to gather geophysical data in a quantitative and consistent manner.

This problem was resolved with the use of the GDD-MPP-EM2S hand-held probe which collects magnetic and conductivity data in either a discrete or continuous data collection mode. The probe's ability to collect continuous data is a real benefit to the user as it helps capture both subtle and obvions geophysical characteristics.

The data is conveniently collected on a portable palmtop (PDA) device and data can be transferred from the PDA to a personal computer using a USB link transfer cradle provided with the unit.

I've found that the most effective way to present data is in the form of a bar histogram graph that plots magnetic/conductivity intensity against core length. The upgraded software makes the creation of these histograms simpler than in previous versions.

Finally, customer service for the GDD-MPP-EM2S bas always responded to my problems in a timely fashion.

I appreciate the use of this technology and look forward to future irnprovements in the MPP­EM2S.

Godfrey Mason-Apps, CFA, P.Geo.

Exploration Geologist
Goldcorp Inc (Red Lake Mine)
Balmertown, Ontario
P0V 1C0




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