Beep Mat

Detect magnetic susceptibility and relative EM conductivity

One of the first innovative instruments developed and manufactured by Instrumentation GDD in 1976-80 and still use widely for prospecting and mineral exploration.


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Some of BM8 modules have an integrated USB stick. That USB stick doesn’t replace the internal CF memory card, it serves to keep the same data and allows the instant access to the data file to improve the data transfer.


The Beep Mat is an efficient, user friendly, inexpensive electromagnetic survey. With the Beep mat, you can sample as many conductive outcrops and floats in one season as a mining company drills in many years of standard operation. With the standard approach, less than 1% of all drilled targets will warrant additional drilling. Thus, the use of the Beep Mat saves the cost of hundreds of sterile drill and is used to develop targets that really deserve attention.

Identifying the position of the conductive and magnetic targets allow the sampling. Subsequently, laboratory tests can determine whether the showings are economic or whether they are sterile conductors such as graphite.


  • EM/MAG ground survey
  • Detect the magnetic susceptibility and relative EM conductivity along with GPS position (BM8 model nd BM8(Li-Ion))
  •  Detect conductive and magnetic outcrops or boulders hidden under up to 10 feet (3 meters) of overburden
  • Map the geological potential of a promising horizon without having to remove the overburden (BM8 model and BM8(Li-Ion))
  • Get fast result
  • Shock resistant, portable and weatherproof
  • Provide real time feedback
  • Can be pulled by a man, a snowmobile or an ATV up to 25 km/h (BM8 model and BM8(Li-Ion))
  • Applications: mining exploration, geological mapping, archeology, geotechnical investigation and other related fields
BM8 (Li-Ion)
Specifications – Beep Mat
Total weight 9 kg 10 kg 10 kg
Reading unit weight 1.9 kg 2.4 kg 1.6 kg
Daily autonomy Up to 10 hours
Total dimension 90 x 30 x 30 cm
Operating temperature range -50° C to +70° C
(-58° F to +158° F)
Battery Two Panasonic 6V 4 Panasonic 6V One internal Lithium-Ion
Sampling rate Up to 10 times per second
Memory N/A Enable to store up to 100 hours of field survey
Data Transfer N/A Transfer from reading unit data to laptop to draw maps
GPS compatibility N/A Garmin, etc. RS-232 port on unit, records once every second

Continuous improvement

A new version of the user interface is now available. With its increased memory and its new software, the BM8 model allows the storage of up to 100 hours of field survey.

In addition, in 2013, GDD introduced a new lithium-ion battery to lighten the unit.


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