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Finland Case

Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Pt, Pd, Co, V, Ni...
See how easy it is to find these outcrops and boulders with the Beep Mat
Step 1
Organization of the day
Step 2 
Initialization of the Beep Mat
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Step 3 
Walk everywhere to find your next mine
Step 4
The Beep Mat signals a conductor: Dig to find out what it is 
beep mat-Finland-25  
Step 5
Grab a sample and send it to the laboratories for assays.


Wait for the assays results and investigate the area moreover if results are encouraging.

With the Beep Mat, you can sample as many conductive outcrops and floats in one season as a mining company drills in ten years of standard operation. With the standard approach, less than 1% of all drilled geoscientific targets will warrant additional drilling. Sampling with the Beep Mat saves the cost of hundreds of barren D.D.H. and upgrades the value of targets to be drilled.




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