• GDD is now launching this new application for the SCIP Tester
    IP Receivers up to 32 channels. They are compact and low power consumption. All receivers come with the IP Post-Process software. Perfect for 1D/2D/3D IP surveys!
  • Distributed IP System
    GDD IP Transmitters are used over the world for Resistivity and Time-Domain Induced Polarization (IP) surveys for a wide range of applications. Master/Slave and Multi-Tx modes available.
    Get the lowest noise EM data with the 24 bits, 8 channels Time Domain EM Receiver. Successfully field tested with almost every sensors EM including the LTS Squid. Post-Processing software included.
  • The MPP Probe will measure the magnetic susceptibility and the EM conductivity of any rock sample instantly and simultaneously.
    SCIP measures electrical properties of drill core or in-situ outcrops. It’s compatible with our IP Post-Process software. The SCIP tester helps to better define the geophysical resistivity/IP inversions.
    With the Beep Mat, enhance your geological mapping and prospecting campaigns by detecting sub-cropping magnetic and conductive bedrocks hidden under up 3 meters of overburden.
  • SSW System
    Mining conductive ore and dreaming of reducing dilution and increase ore grades by up to 10%? The SSW probe defines quickly and inexpensively the ore grade and waste limits.



Instrumentation GDD is a world leader in high-tech geophysical instrumentation for mining and exploration geophysics, groundwater exploration, geotechnical investigations and other related fields. Since 1976, GDD has developed, manufactured and sold a wide range of Electromagnetic (EM) and Resistivity/Induced Polarization geophysical instruments. Our office: the production line, R&D and administration are located in Quebec City, Canada.


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