EM-IP Tx Controller

Instrumentation GDD have recently launched the production of its EM-IP Tx Controller, a compact, robust and easy to use instrument designed for obtaining optimized results of EM and IP surveys.

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This instrument enables GPS synchronization of your GDD receivers with any of your transmitters for both electromagnetic (EM) and resistivity/induced polarization (IP) surveys. It measures and records the GPS timestamp current.

  • √ Accurate apparent resistivity calculation
  • √ Advanced signal processing for EM surveys (excellent conductors (ON-TIME))
  • √ Infinite electrode and remote station current monitoring
  • √ And more...


  • Useful for EM and IP surveys
  • Records GPS timestamp current full waveform
  • Easy to operate and inexpensive
  • Shock resistant, portable and environmentally sealed
  • Transfers data to PC with USB Memory stick
  • USB Firmware upgradable
  • Offset cancellation
  • Accessories: socket plugs (rated 50A), external GPS antenna, memory stick, Master-Slave IP cable and/or NordicEM24 synchronization cable.
  • Applications : mining exploration, groundwater exploration, geotechnical investigations and other related fields


Weight EM-IP Tx Controller only

3.7 kg

Total weight
(including accessories and shipping box)

13.8 kg

Total EM-IP Tx Controller only

28 x 25 x 12 cm

Total dimension
(including accessories and shipping box)

53 x 38 x 21 cm

Operating temperature

-40° C a +60° C
(-40° F a +140° F)

Type of surveys

EM and Resistivity/IP

Power supply

Two rechargeable Li-ion batteries


Environmentally sealed heavy-duty Pelican case

Compatibility with EM transmitters Geonics, Zonge, Phoenix, Crone (could be adapted to others)

Compatibility with IP transmitters

GDD (could be adapted to others)

Base Frequency Range (Time-Domain)

Repetition Rate: 0.03125 Hz to 30 Hz
Time Base: 8.333 msec to 8 sec

Signal waveform

Time-Domain (ON+, OFF, ON-, OFF)

Sampling Rate

1000Hz (one reading each 1 msec)

Input Current

+ 40A

Intrinsic noise


Voltage control signal

5V et 12V



Duty cycle

50 %

ADC Resolution

24bits (5 µA)

GPS Timestamp Resolution

0,1 µsec

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