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DCH Geophysics

The following letter was submitted by DCH Geophysics after using the SCIP Tester on several field projects.

DCH Geophysics

Vancouver BC, CANADA 2015

The Sample Core I.P. Tester (SCIP), an important part of every exploration program

The SCIP continues to be a very useful tool to assist in the analysis of geophysical responses.  At the early exploration stage, prior to geophysical surveys when the geologist or prospector is on the ground samples can be taken and measured using the SCIP to determine what type of geophysical survey should be contemplated in the search for mineralization.  Depending on SCIP results, Induced Polarization or electromagnetic surveys may be carried out on a property and drill targets selected.  Subsequently core samples can be analyzed using the SCIP to judge the effectiveness of the drilling and to obtain physical property values that can be used in modeling the mineralized body.  In association with geochemical analysis SCIP testing will also aid in determination of the relationship between geophysical and geochemical responses.  This will guide additional drill targeting.

In short, SCIP analysis is useful at every stage.  The instrument is highly portable and a technician who is part of a drill program can be readily trained on SCIP use.   The cost is modest and it should be part of every exploration program.

I have been using the SCIP for a number of years as a consultant to senior and junior mining companies to provide physical property measurement services and interpretation of geophysical responses.

David Hall
DCH Geophysics
Vancouver, B.C.

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